My name is Alfonso Cazenave. I grew up in Spain, where I played in many music bands and completed my MA in Literature. After spending some time in England and Brazil, in 2001 I came to Poland, where I currently live, to teach Spanish. I worked for many years as a teacher at the Instituto Cervantes, and in the meantime I learnt Polish and started translating Polish literature into Spanish. During this period I began practicing yoga and I took my first Swedish massage course.

In 2013 I fell in love with Thai massage. I took an intensive 10-day course in Berlin, taught by Till Heeg, and by the end of it I knew that would be a milestone in my life. I started practicing on friends and family as often as I could. One year later I took some more courses and decided to quit my teaching job in order to do massage full-time.

I was eager to learn and impatient to become a good massage therapist, so as soon as I saved some money I went to Chiang Mai, the hub of Thai massage, and spent the whole winter of 2014-2015 there studying with the best teachers and old masters. When back in Europe, I continued studying Thai massage and Osteothai (which applies the principles of osteopathy to Thai massage) at the famous Sunshine House in Greece, while developing my massage practice mainly in Poland. The winters of 2015-2016 and 2017-2018 would see me again in Thailand, delving deeper into Osteothai and therapeutic Thai massage.

I am constantly researching different forms of bodywork, both Eastern (like taoist Chi Nei Tsang and ayurvedic Chavutti Thirummal) and Western (deep tissue massage, fascial release, trigger point therapy, visceral osteopathy, etc.). My main directions of development at the moment are therapeutic Thai massage, Osteothai, Wuo Tai, structural integration (KMI) and biodynamic cranio-sacral therapy. In early 2016 I started assisting my teachers in their Thai massage courses in Thailand, Greece, Germany and France. I also teach my own workshops and courses in Poland, France and Norway.

I believe in a holistic approach to the human being. Through bodywork we have an influence also on the emotions and the state of mind. I aim to combine Western knowledge and Eastern wisdom. I believe that mindful touch is essential to for the proper development and the well-being of the individual in all stages of life. Quality of touch is my priority.

Apart from bodywork my main areas of interest are yoga, music, languages and, above all, people.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude and respect to my teachers Till Heeg (Thai massage as a "Sacred Dance"), Almuth Kramer (Thai massage as a "Sacred Dance", therapeutic flying), Krishnatakis (dynamic Thai massage), David Lutt (Osteothai), Jörg Schürpf (Osteothai), Roland Combes (Wuo Tai), Andrea Baglione (Thai yoga massage), Pichest Boonthumme (therapeutic Thai massage), Aon Boonthumme (therapeutic Thai massage), Suwat Tong (therapeutic Thai massage), Suriyan Punyafoo (therapeutic Thai massage), Jack Chaiya (Thai massage style "jap sen"), Noam Tyroler (Thai acupressure), Hironori Ikeda (therapeutic stretching and trigger point therapy), Rosemary Wallace (cranio-sacral therapy), Wojciech Cackowski (fascial release for structural balance) and Anna Litkie (shiatsu).