Read through precautions and contraindications first.

It’s better if you don’t drink coffee.

Don’t eat too much.

Bring light, comfortable clothes: leggings, sport clothes, pyjamas, an old T-shirt… If you get cold easily, you may want to bring socks and a thin sweater, too.

Take off earrings, rings, bracelets, etc.

Switch off your mobile phone.

If possible, empty your bladder right before the treatment.



A meditative mood is the ideal state for both the giver and the receiver. If you are not familiar with meditation, here are some easy guidelines:

    •    Stay in the body rather than in the mind (which means: it’s better if you don’t think too much; try to leave your plans, worries, etc. outside).

    •    Keep you eyes closed if you want and focus on your own breath or follow the therapist’s touch on your body.

    •    Don’t try to help the therapist move your body. It’s better (and easier) if you stay relaxed. We are trained and experienced, we can lift your limbs or turn you over without effort. In case we need any help from you, we will ask.

    •    Though silence is greatly preferred, that doesn’t mean talking is forbidden. Should anything feel painful, uncomfortable or unpleasant to you, please inform us immediately! You can also let us know (be it with words, sounds or gestures) if some technique feels particularly good and you want more of it, or if you feel you need more pressure, etc.

    •    Enjoy!



Once the session is finished, in order to fully integrate and enjoy its benefits it is advisable to rest with your eyes closed for a few minutes and then slowly come back to a sitting position (much like you would do śavasana after a yoga session). Before standing up you may want to take some time for yourself, do some stretching, etc.

It is better if you take time for yourself in order to fully integrate the benefits of the session. Don’t rush straight to work, training, a party… A walk in the park, sauna, meditation, reading, writing and sleeping are good ideas. If you need to go back to work after the session, or if you have to drive, please inform us beforehand so that we finish up with some stimulating techniques.

Drink plenty of water to enhance the detoxifying process.

It is advisable to receive Karuna bodywork regularly to achieve the best results. Thai massage (our first inspiration) constitutes one of the pillars of health and well-being in Thailand! (We offer discounts to regular clients.)



If you have a fever, please wait for a couple of days until it is gone.

If you have any inflammatory condition, injury or have undergone surgery in the last 6 months, make sure to inform us before we start the treatment so that we can choose the right techniques for you.

If you have any pains, sprains, cuts, injuries, scratches, bruises or infections on your body, inform us so that we can avoid the affected areas.

Inform us if you are menstruating or pregnant (if you are in the first trimester of pregnancy, massage is not indicated!).

Inform us if you have recent fractures, weak bones (or osteoporosis), circulatory system problems (including varicose veins), abnormal blood pressure, diabetes, spine problems, shoulders prone to dislocation… because some techniques should be avoided in these cases.

If you have been diagnosed with cancer ask your doctor first if massage is suitable for you.

If there is anything else you think we should know, make sure to let us know before the treatment.


If you are not comfortable lying on your back or on your belly, there is no need to suffer. Just inform us and we will perform most (or all) of the session in the side-lying position or any other position that may suit you.