Karuṇā (करुणा) is an important concept in Buddhism. Usually translated as “compassion”, it is indeed more than that: karuṇā is the desire and the ability to remove harm and suffering from others. It is closely related to the concepts of mettā (“loving kindness”), mudita (“sympathetic joy”) and upekkha (“equanimity”).

Karuna Bodywork blends, in a very personal way, the beauty of Thai massage, the wisdom of Osteothai, the precision of deep tissue massage and the subtlety of craniosacral therapy.

There are no set routines. Each session is entirely new, fresh and adapted to your current needs.

Treatments are carried out on a thick mat on the floor. The receiver is dressed in light, comfortable clothes. No oil is needed.

In order to relieve tensions, release blockages and restore the natural energy flow and state of balance and health, we apply a range of techniques that include rhythmic pressure on tight muscles, stretching,  rocking, joint mobilization, stimulation of acupressure points along energy lines and fascial work.

Hands, thumbs, forearms, elbows, feet and knees are used to reach deep into soft tissue and work on internal organs as needed.

Done carefully, meditatively, with compassion, full awareness and proper technique, Karuna Bodywork can be a blissful experience.