“A moving door hinge never corrodes. Flowing water never grows stagnant.”

Most major Asian healing traditions aim to restore the free flow of energy in all our layers.

Likewise, one of Osteopathy’s main axioms (the rule of the artery) states that wherever blood and lymph can flow freely, the body is able to self-regulate and heal.

Drinking from both Eastern and Western sources, respecting ancient wisdom and studying modern science, through my work I aim to remove blockages in the body and its various layers and to restore mobility – thus creating space and freedom, so that the liquids, information and energy can flow and nourish all its parts, which in turn helps us to reconnect to (what should be) our natural state of balance, harmony and health.

From a holistic approach to the body-mind-soul continuum, through a supportive presence and mindful touch, I listen to my clients’ needs and support their current state and ongoing processes. I see each session as a unique encounter, a dialogue through touch which unfolds in the present moment. Whether the results are felt predominantly in the physical, energetic, emotional or spiritual level depends on what you need and are ready for.

The techniques I use range from subtle craniosacral and energy work, through precise myofascial release and deep tissue massage, to shamanic-style breathwork, rocking, shaking, etc.